This movement is founded by Sri AmmaBhagavan, every meditation insidethis website is created by them and each meditator is initiated bythem for every meditation they offer.


Loved, revered and worshipped across the world as friends,philosophers, world teachers and Avatars

Sri Bhagavan is loved, revered and praised by millions across theworld as a friend, philosopher, world teacher and Avatar. SriBhagavan’s singular passion has been to liberate humanity fromsuffering. Even as a little boy, Sri Bhagavan’s only concern washumanity. Sri Bhagavan lived a normal life in the external worldlike everybody else, yet there was something different and specialabout Sri Bhagavan that attracted people of all ages and culturestowards Him. The power of Sri Bhagavan’s presence has been a verymagical and liberating experience for those who have had theopportunity of interacting with Sri Bhagavan or just being in Hisphysical presence. Such people have received solutions to theirproblems, freedom from their suffering and a shift in consciousnessby the grace of Sri Bhagavan.

Steeped in the fundamental laws of mathematics on one side, SriBhagavan has always been a great mystic on the other side, with aninnate ability to connect to those realms far beyond the physicaldimension. The mystical aspect accounts for the bird’s eye view thatSri Bhagavan possesses on topics ranging from mundane, worldy thingsto philosophy, psychology, science and the transcendental. One getsa glimpse of this holistic view in Sri Bhagavan’s teachings,commentaries and talks on various subjects.

To be in the presence of Sri Bhagavan is to get drenched in thefountain of unconditional love, a love that is devoid of anyjudgement, a love that doesn’t bind you, but allows you to beyourself.

Sri Amma and Sri Bhagavan are praised as Avatars by millions aroundthe World. They represent the feminine and masculine aspects of theunmanifest Divine. Sri Amma lived a very austere life from childhoodwith the sole objective of liberating humanity from suffering.Millions of devotees across the world yearn to see a glimpse of SriAmma, for in the presence of Sri Amma one dissolves into an ocean oflove and grace.

Sri Amma’s unconditional love and compassion is a nectar thatpurifies one of all hurts, fears and inhibitions. Sri Amma is aunique teacher who imparts the greatest insights of life in aneasily understandable way. Simple and yet very profound, theseteachings do not require much contemplation because they strike yourmind with astonishing precision. They are truths that act likemirrors which reflect your inner state and at the same time make youcomfortable with it.

Sri Amma not only shows you the truth, but also gives you thestrength to see it yourself. To millions of devotees and seekers,Sri Amma is the all knowing mother, a friend, a guide, a source ofpower in times of trial and weakness and an inspiration anddirection in times of strength and abundance.

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